Osteopathy and sports injuries

Feeling minor discomfort for a couple days or so after training is normal. However if the level of discomfort if relatively higher than usual, just had a sport injury or the symptoms persist for more than a few days and stopping you for your usual activities, it might be worth seeking advice from your Osteopath. We understand that pain and injuries gets in the way of training and can be frustrating.

As Osteopath, we use a wide range of stretching techniques, soft tissue work, joint manipulations, strapping or taping to help the speeding the healing process, relieve pain but also prevent this injury to occur again. Treatment is tailored depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis.

As well as treating injuries, we may offer you advice about optimal nutrition or optimal performance (i.e.: stretching exercises, advice, tips, sport related diet/supplements..) to help you achieve your goals injury free.

We are trained to determine whether or not your injury or discomfort is due to a more serious underlying problem, or if it arises from a mechanical strain which lead to a sport injury.