Osteopathy for work


Whether you work at a desk, drive as a living or have a manual job, many people have to take some time off work due to musculoskeletal related issues


Prolonged sitting at a desk, driving long distances, awkward lifting or carrying, overstitching, bending forward awkwardly, repetitive motion.. are the most common causes of musculoskeletal problems which can lead to back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, shoulder pain and much more

Also, stress at work can be a predisposing or a maintaining factor to your discomfort causing chronic tension of the muscle around the affected area.

As an Osteopath, we have clinical training to identify musculoskeletal disorders due to work and if necessary, refer you to your GP for further investigation. We use a wide range of techniques to focus on those tensions as well as the origin of your musculoskeletal problem in order to resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

During your osteopathic consultation we can also discuss the impact that your occupation may have on your body and find together an appropriate cause of action that may help. Those can be advice of posture, stretches, exercises, your workplace ergonomics and lifting techniques.

As healthcare practitioners, we can provide you with a “fitness for work” note for recommendation about alteration at work (i.e.: list duties..) or recommended time off depending on our diagnosis.