Osteopathy for wellbeing

Optimal health depends on good circulation of fluids and free impulse of nerves. Restrictions in the joints or tension in the tissues can prevent optimal health. GOT (General Osteopathic Treatment) is a very holistic treatment approach that can help restore mobility and function of the whole body.

Osteopathy and Massage is a complete treatment using GOT combined with deep soft tissue massage techniques aiming to reduce joint stiffness or restrictions that may prevent good circulation of fluids and improve function of the nervous system to help encourage the whole body’s self-healing mechanism to reach it’s optimal potential.

We use specific and tailored soft tissue techniques and continuous and rhythmic articulatory techniques to mobilise all the joints in the body in a specific order. HVT (high velocity thrust techniques), which is mobilisation of the joint with an audible “click) can also be used with patient’s consent.

This type of treatment is recommended for any type of disorders or illness relying on the body own’s self healing mechanisms.