Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a unique taping method that can be very useful for sport injuries but also for . Kinesiology tape is an elastic tape which is very flexible compared to any other tape which has no stretch at all. This allows you to be able to keep moving but with maximum support for your joints or injured muscles.

Kinesiology taping can be used following a trauma as it will help the natural response of inflammation by encouraging the function of the lymphatic drainage. The tape creates a gentle lift on the skin which prevents too much accumulation of swelling in the injured area.

Benefits of Kinesiology taping:

-Increase blood circulation to the area and helps lymphatic drainage by reducing the excess fluid of the affected area to promote healing

-Normalisation of muscular function

-Muscular and joint support without preventing complete rigidity which is most cases injuries is better than full immobility

-Activating weak of fatigued muscle due to injury or surgery to help speeding the recovery process

-Taking the pressure off overworking or overused muscles

-Helps to relieve pain

-Reduces swelling

-Can help with sport performance

-Can help preventing injuries