Who am I?

Hi, I am Celine, I am french and i come from Marseille in the south of France. When I was young, I wanted be a doctor paediatrician. When I was 12, my French paediatrician suggested I could take over his practice when he gets older which by that point I would be fully qualified. However, growing up I realised that I wasn’t very keen to help people with the use of medication and chemicals all the time. I wanted to get to know my patients and help the as naturally as possible. So I started to look into different “Alternative therapies”.

In the mean time, following a couple of sports injuries I have been recommended to see an Osteopath. I fell in love with the profession pretty much straight away. Osteopathy could provide care for patients by using a more natural approach with a wide range of techniques and manipulations suitable for everyone including newborns, pregnant women, adults, teenagers, the Elderly, sport people… So i decided that Osteopathy was the best fitting profession for me.
So after getting my french Baccalauréat in the United States, I decided to come and study in the UK at the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone/Kent), a well known Osteopathic School offering an integrated Master in Osteopathy.

Why England?  That is a good question! When I was younger I used to live in Cape Town and America for a few years, I wanted to study abroad to improve my English (I still however can’t seem to loose my french accent), discover another country, be within Europe to be closer to my family and have the opportunity to have an international master degree diploma in Osteopathy.

After graduating in 2014, I  worked as an Osteopath in three Osteopathic clinics in Kent and I have now relocated in Southend On Sea since 2017 and I am loving it.

Along side being an Osteopath, I have a golden retriever called Roxy, I run and exercise (it keeps my mind and body healthy) and I love the outdoors.




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