***Online booking now available***

By Celine Delgrange | Feb 7, 2020

***Exciting news*** I have now put in place an online booking system which means you can now book an appointment online (24/7) 🙌 It’s very easy easy to use: 🌐 Go to: is also available on our website under “Contact”) 🖱️Select an appointment that suits you 🔒 Confirm your identity ✅All booked You can…

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We are moving location

By Celine Delgrange | Jan 4, 2020

***Exiting news! We are moving!*** We are excited to welcome you in our new home for our practice from the 13th January which is located in Westcliff-On-Sea: New address: Eagle house clinic 56 Crowstone Road SS0 8BD Westcliff-on-Sea If you have an appointment booked with me from the 13th January, I will be in contact…

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Christmas Opening hours

By Celine Delgrange | Dec 18, 2019

🎄Christmas Opening Hours🎄 Friday 20th: Open Saturday 21st: Open Monday 23rd-Friday 29th: Closed Monday 30th: Open Tuesday 31st Open 7am-1pm Wednesday 1st: Closed Thursday 2nd: Open Friday 3rd: Open We only have a couple of appointments left before xmas

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Osteopathic postural assessments for work places

By Celine Delgrange | Oct 13, 2017

Great news! 😀 After popular demands, we are offering postural assessments for work places 🙌 Are you a business owner? manager of a company? or employed? Whether you are an office worker or manual worker we have got it covered: we offer postural assessments by an Osteopath within your workplace to help you or your…

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Osteopathy and sports injuries

By Celine Delgrange | Aug 22, 2017

Feeling minor discomfort for a couple days or so after training is normal. However if the level of discomfort if relatively higher than usual, just had a sport injury or the symptoms persist for more than a few days and stopping you for your usual activities, it might be worth seeking advice from your Osteopath.…

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Scoliosis and Osteopathy

By Celine Delgrange | Jun 21, 2017

DO YOU HAVE A SCOLIOSIS OR SOMEONE WHO DOES? Saturday 24th June is scoliosis awareness day and we are offering a FREE postural assessment and FREE advice with no obligation for treatment. WHAT IS SCOLIOSIS? Scoliosis is a sideway curvature in the spine. There are two types of scoliosis: Functional scoliosis can develop as a…

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🥞It's pancake Day tomorrow!🥞

So me being french I thought I would share my crepe recipe for the perfect crepes

-Milk of your choice: 500ml
-Water : 200ml
-Flour: 250g
-olive oil: About 20ml
-salt: 1pinch
Eggs: 4

Just mix all the ingredients together preferably with a blender to avoid any lumps

Grease a wide frying pan with butter or oil, use a small ladle of batter twirling the pan as you pour the batter to cover the base. Cook until the edge of the crepe slightly lifts off or is golden then flip the crepe and cook the other side for 30sec to 1min et Voilà !

Once you are done share a picture of your crêpe and tag us in it 🥞😁

#pancakeday #crepes #chandeleur #sharethelove #pancakes

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The animation video made me smile 🤭😁

Have a wonderful Monday

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**Glute activation exercise**

Make sure your knee (the one you are standing on) doesn't buckle inwards towards your big toe: drive your knee slightly out towards your little toe. If you are unsure, feel free to ask your Osteopath for help
#exerciseoftheday #cdosteopathy

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All set for the workshop tonight ! 🙌 ...

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